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In this section, you will find information about all our products of various kinds that we offer to our customers around the world. These products are classified into three categories:
First: Chemicals
Second: polymers
Third: Specialty
The following table shows all the products of the company in addition to the annual production capacity of each product.



Uses / Applications

Production (KMT)
Ethylene 1478 Feed stock for the Polyethylene and Ethylene Glycol.
Propylene 630 Feed stock for the Polypropylene and Cumene.
Benzene 109 Feed stock for Cumene plant.
Polypropylene 350 Automotive industry, electric appliances, hot water pipe systems fibers , film wrap.
High Density Polyethylene 400 Automotive gasoline tanks, pipes, bottles & containers.
Low Density Polyethylene 300
Ethylene Oxide 550 Feed stock to Ethylene Glycols, Polycarbonate and Ethanolamines.
Monoethylene Glycol 566 Polyester fiber for textile industry, PET soft drinks package, Antifreeze and coolants, heat transfer fluids and Chemical intermediates.
Diethylene glycol 41 Manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and plasticizers, Grinding aids, gas dehydration, printing ink, paint pigments.
Triethylene glycol 2 Dehydration for industrial gases, industrial solvents, plasticizers.
Cumene 290 Feed stock to Phenol plant.
Phenol 220 Feed stock to Bisphenol-A plant.
Acetone 135 Solvents, BPA manufacturing, Methyl Methacrylate manufacturing.
Bisphenol A 240 Polycarbonate ( CD disks, glazing & automotive Industry) , Epoxy resins (adhesives, flexible packaging , laminates…etc).
Polycarbonate 260 Optical Media ( CD, DVD, Bluray), Construction & Housing , Automotive, Aircraft, Electronic components, Lenses (automotive lamp lenses, sunglasses, eye glass lenses), Toys & hobby items, Medical appliances.
Monoethanolamine 34 Gas sweetening, detergent and specialty cleaning formulations, concrete mixtures, flexible urethane foam catalysts, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, herbicides.
Diethanolamine 34
Triethanolamine 32
Ethoxylates 40 Detergent, paint, leather industry.
N-Butanol 110 Solvents, Plasticizers, Coating.
Iso-Butanol 4 Direct solvent, Chemical intermediate and Additive – in gasoline and deicing fluids.
Natural Detergent Alcohol 50 Detergent.